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This week a German snack bar owner found herself in the wurst trouble ever: a spat over whether she can sell sausage by the autobahn. Also, Erendira Wallenda set a new record by hanging by her teeth, 300 feet over Niagara Falls while 35-pound tabby Symba has a new home and a new diet, including puzzles that she must solve to get to her food. Oh, Mayor David Narkewicz of Northampton, Massachusetts sent Bill Pharmer of Hershey, Pennsylvania $1 and an apology after Pharmer complained that he couldn’t make sense of Northampton’s parking signs, and officials in Craighead County, Arkansas would really appreciate it if people stopped peeing in the Jonesboro courthouse elevator. And three Los Angeles teens in an LAPD program for would-be officers stole and crashed police cars after spending a day pretending to be cops. Should they be sentenced to sell sausage in a parking lot while hanging by their teeth from a food puzzle over an elevator full of pee?


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