Perhaps one way to know when a protest movement has arrived is when it gets it’s own song. The fight against sulfide-ore copper mining in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness has arrived. (More)

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Here’s the song:

The Star Tribune newspaper has background information on the song and the artists:

The proposed mine near Hoyt Lakes – which Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources is currently “determining the adequacy of” – would be a welcome economic boost to northern Minnesota, but environmentalists and even financial consultants recently hired by the state worry it could cause costly damage not only to the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, but also Lake Superior and the Mississippi River.
Franzich said via email, “These environmental challenges can only be solved when we all understand, get involved and move.” An avid BWCA paddler, Munson said in a Facebook post about the song, “To experience nature that is not ruined is something unique and special, and it is something that we have in our state in that little spur that points off to the east. There are forces that would happily jeopardize those waters in order to use a very polluting mining procedure.”

You can go to to sign a petition or make a comment to the Forest Service. Signatures have come in from all fifty states and many foreign countries. Please go sign. Thanks


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