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Today NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy pushed back at Outhouse Sewer Spewer Sean Spicer’s not-really-a-denial that the God-King may fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In an interview yesterday with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, Ruddy claimed that the God-King is considering whether to fire Mueller, and Spicer denied that Ruddy had spoken directly with the God-King about that question. Lawfare’s Jack Goldsmith explained the legal and political firestorm that an attempt to fire Mueller could unleash and The New Republic’s Brian Buetler said firing Mueller should prompt impeachment, but the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent thinks House and Senate Republicans would shrug it off as yet another sign that the God-King is “still learning” the rules, even though the God-King has made it clear that he doesn’t believe any rules apply to him, and both No More Mister Nice Blog’s Steve M. and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait say the God-King will probably fire Mueller … and get away with it. Would that be a death knell for the rule of law in the U.S.?


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