I fell last night and banged my left ear on the wooden edge of an ottoman. I went to urgent care.(More)

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Total time from leaving the house to returning home was just under two hours. The staff was all excellent, efficient and compassionate. Other than not really having a bloddy ear in my plan for the night, it was a great experience.

I have 14 stitches, tightly spaced and the gauze wrap around my head makes me look like an extra from M.A.S.H. I am not in pain and have only taken a couple of Alleve.

So while I am laying there being stitched up, I decide to ask the doctor about health care and the AHCA. I started by asking him if his group was making any plans for how Trumpcare might affect them. He said he thought it would be a couple of years before anything took effect. When I made it clear that I was a Democrat and wanted nothing to do with AHCA, the conversation loosened up. He used to work at a hospital in Indiana where 90% of their patients were uninsured. He figured that lots of places like that would end up closing. He had nothing good to say about AHCA and said he thought insurance companies were so greedy that they made cost effective health care almost impossible. He started comparing Canada, Germany and France on a cost vs outcomes comparison with what we have. Smart guy and all for single payer. For him, health care is a right and not a privilege. When I asked him if he voted he said for sure he did and told friends, family, coworkers and anyone who would listen that they should too.

It was so good to meet a kindred spirit. Almost worth the 14 stitches.



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