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Today Newt Gingrich and other right-wing pundits began a full-court press urging the God-King to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Vox’s Matthew Yglesias assesses their reasoning and why such a firing would fit the Nixonian pattern of the God-King’s administration, and explains how a tweet from the God-King’s lawyer reveals that the God-King thinks the federal government is now part of his business empire. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans won’t reveal their health care bill until the last minute because “We’re not stupid.” Mother JonesKevin Drum explains how that reflects the God-King’s lie-and-deny pattern suffusing the GOP and ACASignupsCharles Gaba notes that Republicans don’t even to give a shit about actual health care anymore, while New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says the Russia scandal is working as a distraction to keep attention off Republicans’ dismantling of Obamacare. And Vox’s Sarah Kliff explains that Republicans are killing Obamacare by creating so much uncertainty that insurers are fleeing the federal marketplace. Will that excuse help them pass what The Week’s Ryan Cooper calls “a tax cut for rich people paid for with Medicaid cuts, disguised as a health-care reform bill?”


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