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Today Michael Isikoff reported that the God-King can’t find top-firm lawyers to defend him in the Russia probes and Martin Longman offers a humorous summary of the reasons and a less-humorous but still insightful analysis of the God-King’s legal morass. Meanwhile, the God-King won’t say whether he still has confidence in Klanmaster General Jeff Sessions, while Noah Feldman explains why the God-King’s Twitter tirades may hurt him in court and Alex Loomis says the God-King’s tweets may force the Supreme Court to reconsider precedents on inferring intent from extra-judicial statements. Oh, Forbes reports that the God-King looted a children’s cancer charity to enrich his business and Scott Lemieux wonders why anyone finds that surprising, while Bruce Reidel reports that the God-King’s claimed $110-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia is yet more bullshit. And the Nevada legislature just passed a bill that would let any citizen of the state buy into Medicaid. Will states lead the way with single-payer or public-option health care?


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