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Gustav I, considered “the father of his nation,” was elected King of Sweden today (1523). Also, Qing Dynasty forces captured Beijing, marking the fall of China’s Ming Dynasty (1644), Queen Christina abdicated to convert to Catholicism, leaving the Swedish throne to her cousin Charles X Gustav (1654), Shivaji Bhonsle was crowned, founding India’s Maratha Empire (1674), the Ashmolean Museum opened in Oxford, England as the world’s first university museum (1683), Sweden promulgated her new constitution, restoring the Riksdag of the Estates and electing Charles XIII as king (1809), Alexis St. Martin was accidentally shot in the stomach, leading to William Beaumont’s studies on digestion (1822), Andrew Jackson became the first U.S. President to ride a train (1833), the YMCA was founded in London (1844), Sophia of Nassau married the future Swedish King Oscar II (1857), Queensland, Australia was established as a separate colony from New South Wales (1859), 100,000 people died as a tropical cyclone swept into Bombay, now Mumbai, India (1882), the Great Fire destroyed downtown Seattle (1889), Chicago’s L-trains began operation (1892), Gov. Davis Waite ordered the Colorado National Guard to protect miners during the Cripple Creek strike (1894), Alaska’s Novarupta erupted (1912), George V and Queen Mary opened London’s Southwark Bridge (1921), President Herbert Hoover signed the Revenue Act that created the first federal gasoline tax (1932), the first drive-in theatre opened in Camden, New Jersey (1933), President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Securities Act that created the Securities and Exchange Commission (1934), Judge Joseph Crater, “the Missingest Man in New York” for nine years, was declared legally dead (1939), Allied troops landed in Normandy to begin the liberation of Northwest Europe known as Operation OVERLORD (1944), the National Basketball Association was created (1946), Robert Kennedy died of wounds received the night before at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel (1968), 50 people died when Hughes Airwest Flight 706 collided with a U.S. Marine fighter jet over southern California (1971), the new-enacted Instrument of Government made Sweden a parliamentary monarchy (1974), the video game Tetris was released (1984), the body of ‘Wolfgang Gerhard,’ later proven to be Josef Mengele, was exhumed in Embu, Brazil (1985), an arsonist destroyed the Fantoft Stave Church in Bergen, Norway (1992), Mongolians voted in their nation’s first direct presidential elections (1993), a near-earth asteroid exploded over the Eastern Mediterranean with a force equal to a small nuclear bomb (2002), and President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam established Tamil as one of India’s “classical languages” (2004). And the U.S. Supreme Court upheld bans on medical marijuana in Gonzales v. Raich (2005).


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