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Today, Michael Grunwald at Politico offered a clear-headed assessment of the impact of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord. It’s worth reading in full.  Grunwald noted that the earliest that could actually happen was 2020, and that the United States is already achieving many of the Paris guidelines. His assessment is that the real achievement of the Paris accords was to get other major polluters, notably China and India to take climate change and carbon pollution seriously, and to make strong commitments to fight it. He argues that regardless of whether we remain in the accord, there is still much to be hopeful about.  He warns however that Trump’s exit creates a vacuum of leadership that could allow Europe or China to take center stage in the world.  Grunwald says that Trump’s main purpose is to give the middle finger to the world and satisfy his bases’ American first isolationism.

I disagree. This is about vengeance against a singular target, Barack Obama.  A man who so effectively cut him down years ago at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and who happens to be black, something a racist like Trump could not stand.  I believe Trump hates Obama, and he is working to savagely undo every achievement of Obama’s administration, whether it is the Affordable Care Act, climate regulation, federal sentencing reform, gay rights, financial reform or our relationships with our partners in the world community.

For Trump, it’s personal.

On that point, am I right, or is Grunwald?

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