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Today Lawrence O’Donnell announced that he would be staying at MSNBC for “the next couple of years” bringing a sigh of relief to many that Comcast was pursuing a plan to gut left leaning voices from the channel. while Huffington Post reported today that the White House had granted 17 ethics wavers.  Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin acknowledged that “patriotically minded” private citizens might have been involved in the cyber-attack on the United States elections in 2016 and The New York Times speculated whether President Trump might succeed in using executive privilege to prevent former FBI director Comey from testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Mother Jones compiled an excellent description of the players and events centered on Trump, Putin and the election .  Finally, critics are “in love with ‘Wonder Woman’ as possibly the “best superhero movie ever” and is “smart and satisfying” offering hope that strong female superhero leads might successfully crack the mold that only men can be huge box office draws in the genre.

Given the “covfefe” of good and bad news, is it time to go see a great superhero movie this weekend?

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