If you had asked me last week if I could torture another person, I would have given you an empathic no. Now, I am not so sure. (More)

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My 9 month old granddaughter has a double ear infection, is teething and is terribly congested. She has been running a fever ranging from 99 to 102. She has amoxicillin, and we alternate between Tylenol and Motrin. I am sure I must have dispensed those little syringes full of medication to my sons when they were babies. Those memories have faded.

Here is what it looks like to give a baby medication. I sit on the floor with her head between my legs. Her head is squeezed tightly between my legs. Her arms are tucked under my thighs and my legs are crossed over her legs. She is trapped and basically immobilized. If you could see her “pissed off” face, you would see mad to the max and perhaps even the look of terror.

Oddly enough, at best I could get half a syringe into her mouth and down her throat using this technique. I got a lot of her sleepers covered in sticky pink medicine.

My daughter-in-law and I were talking about how much trying to get stuff into her daughter looked like torture. She even said, “If anyone had asked me if I was capable of torturing my daughter, I would have been appalled and offended. Turns out I am. Oops.”

Then one of us had the thought that perhaps we could just add it to a bottle of formula. Brilliant idea. If this was possible, wouldn’t the doctor, the nurse or a pharmacist pass this information along? Nope, they didn’t but Google saved the day. Every medical site on Google said it was okay to add the medicine to the formula.

It made me wonder how often we torture people for their own good. Damn.


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