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The Roman Tetrarchy began when Emperors Diocletian and Maximian appointed Caesars Galerius and Constantius Chlorus, today (293). Also, Pope John VIII blessed Branimir of Croatia, considered the dawn of Croatian statehood (879), the city of Helsingborg, Sweden was founded (1085), Dušan the Mighty enacted his eponymous Code as the constitution of the Serbian Empire (1349), João da Nova discovered Saint Helena (1502), Mary I granted a royal charter to the Derby School, a boys’ grammar school in Derby, England (1554), Russia’s Catherine I instituted the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky (1725), Colombia abolished slavery (1851), pro-slavery guerrillas sacked Lawrence, Kansas (1856), Ellen White and 3500 others formed the Seventh-day Adventist Church (1863), Mount Rigi’s the Rigi-Bahnen opened as Europe’s first rack-railway, on the same day French troops invaded the Paris Commune, the start of the “Bloody Week” that would leave 20,000 communards dead (1871), Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross (1881), Queen Victoria opened the Manchester Ship Canal (1894), the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, was founded in Paris (1904), President Porfirio Díaz and Francisco Madero signed the Treaty of Ciudad Juárez, ending the first phase of the Mexican Revolution (1911), 10,000 people were displaced but only one was killed in the Great Atlanta Fire (1917), Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris to complete the first solo, non-stop transatlantic flight (1927), Amelia Earhart landed in Ireland as the first woman to repeat Lindbergh’s feat (1932), Oskaloosa, Iowa became the first U.S. municipality to fingerprint all citizens (1934), the Soviet North Pole-1 opened as the first scientific settlement on the drift ice of the Arctic Ocean (1937), King George VI and Queen-consort Elizabeth unveiled the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa (1939), Louis Slotin was fatally irradiated in a criticality incident during an experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1946), the Ninth Street Show introduced the New York School of avant-garde art (1951), 4000 university and secondary school students staged a silent march in Rosario, Argentina, known as the First Rosariazo (1969), a vandal damaged Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica (1972), 29 people died as a charter bus carrying a Yuba City High School choir flipped off an elevated highway in Martinez, California (1976), the manslaughter conviction of Dan White for the assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk sparked the White Night Riots in San Francisco (1979), the Italian government released the membership list of the illegal pseudo-Masonic group Propaganda Due (1981), former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, on the same day Mengistu Haile Mariam fled Ethiopia, effectively ending the 16-year Ethiopian Civil War (1991), Robin Williams and Bette Midler were Johnny Carson’s last guests as host of The Tonight Show (1992), an estimated 1000 passengers drowned as the ferry MV Bukoba sank in Lake Victoria, Tanzania (1996), the bodies of the 7 Trappist Martyrs of Atlas were found, two months after their kidnapping during the Algerian Civil War (1996), Indonesian President Suharto resigned (1998), France enacted a law recognizing slavery and the Atlantic slave trade as crimes against humanity (2001), 2266 people died as a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Boumerdès, Algeria (2003), voters in Montenegro chose independence from Serbia (2006), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, launched the solar-sail spacecraft IKAROS (2010), the world did not end, despite the prediction of Harold Camping (2011), and 13 university students died as a bus plunged into a ravine in Qafa e Vishës, Albania, on the same day at least 120 people were killed by a suicide bomber in Sana’a, Yemen (2012). And 4 people were killed in a knife attack on a subway in Taipei, Taiwan, on the same day the National September 11th Museum opened at the former site of the World Trade Center in New York City (2014).


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