Have you half watched all the commercials for prescription drugs and wondered if the side efects were worse than the original condition? I am relatively healthy at 70 and wonder how I will approach drugs, if needed, given the side effects. (More)

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Does the calm voice in the ads warning of dizziness, or the possibility of stroke, or drop in blood pressure or even death register while you are listening?

Last night I watched Rachel Maddow’s always excellent program on the evolving constitutional crisis (my words not hers). I started to wonder what the “side effects” of being a life long Democrat were for the crisis we are facing. I am watching the inclusive values and progressive policies that I have fought for for 50+ years being trashed. I have phoned banked, recruited volunteers and canvassed for Democrats. This is my party and my deeply held beliefs.

At the beginning of Rachel’s show I texted my oldest son to thank him for the nice bottle of single malt scotch that was my Mother’s Day present. I told him it went well with watching Rachel Maddow. His reply was that it also helped if watching Trump.

Trying to pay attention to what seems to be the daily disaster versus trying to tune in only occasionally is a fool’s choice. I wonder about the side effects of paying attention or not paying attention. Clearly excess scotch will not make this tolerable. Exercise may not be enought either.

I hate watching history right now as it is unfolding. My youngest daughter-in-law who is a licensed marriage and family and addiction therapist perhaps said it best, “Our president is an idiot.” I agree. So now what? Watching this is so hard.


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