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Today the God-King threatened James Comey, claiming there were tapes of conversations that would presumably embarrass the recently-fired FBI Director. But Comey isn’t worried about any such tapes and the threat escalates a fight that the God-King can’t hope to win. FBI veterans are furious over Comey’s firing and will push back at any attempt to shut down the Trump-Russia investigation, and Senate Democrats have the institutional leverage to grind that body to a halt if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps backing the God-King, even though the GOP is now essentially a party of trolls. Oh, and the God-King also threw Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein under the bus, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions may face an ethics charge for interfering in an investigation after recusing himself. All in all, the God-King has shredded any remaining pretense of credibility and more analysts are saying this threat to democracy is worse than Watergate. Will the God-King serve out his first term?


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