Yesterday was my grandson’s first communion. I have a few observations having spent the better part of a day with my son’s extended family which includes three Trumpers. (More)

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My grandson is a sweet, sensitive kid. Some gave him money for his first communion or first Eurcharist if you’re Catholic. He has three cardboard boxes that nest into a circle. One box is for saving, one for spending and one for sharing. This is the kid most likely to put it all in the sharing box (think charitable giving). It was suggested that maybe he’d want to split it between his three boxes. His response, “I’m not poor and I don’t need anything. Some people are starving.”

After he came back to the pew, I asked him how he felt about receiving the Eucharist for the first time. His response, “Mature. I think I feel mature.” Hard for me to not burst out laughing.

He asked why I wasn’t going up for communion. I told him that I wasn’t Catholic. Some churches invited anyone who believed to partake of the communion. His church did not so I was staying in the pew. He seemed pretty stunned by this and we continued the conversation after the service. I told him that believing in god was kind of like driving to the grocery store from his house. There was more than one route but all routes got to the grocery store. This worked quite well with his older sister. His response was, “So have you taken a detour then?”

We mostly avoided politics but my son called me in to see the TV screen that was declaring the French election for Marcon. I was so relieved and happy for them. Pretty soon the adults were gathered around the TV. My ex said he thought they’d dodged a bullet and that one Trump at a time was more than the world needed. The Trump grandmother harrumphed but said nothing. Peaceful coexistence was reestablished.

The good news is that it was nice enough weather to be outside and not have to interact unless one chose to.


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