My 8 month old granddaughter has a nifty walker. If I should need one in my old age, I want one at least as snazzy. (More)

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This is an adult utility walker:

ProBasics Economy Rollator Features and Benefits

Lightweight for Easy Expanding/Folding
Padded Seat for Comfortable Sitting
Curved Backrest for Additional Comfort
Storage Pouch to Place Important Items
Hand Brakes to Stop at a Moment’s Notice
Folds Easily to Store Anywhere, Home or Away
Polyurethane Tires for Smooth Transportation

And this is my granddaughter’s walker


If I need a walker in my old age, I want lights, sound effects, music and a voice that says. “Keep going, you’re doing great.” Really is that too much to ask? Where are all the designers who were supposed to be catering to the baby boomers as we aged? My granddaughter’s walker was $20 less than the cheapest one I cited above. If someday I need a walker, I want a snazzy one.


Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.