Call your Representative and tell her or him to vote no on the GOP’s Health Care bill. (More)

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The American Health Care Act, HR277 repeals Obamacare and changes the rules for coverage and costs. Having insurance does not equal having affordable care and good insurance. The details matter in health care. If you know anyone in your circle of family and friends with a preexisting condition (cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc.) you need to call now and be heard.

The Kaiser Foundation says:

We estimate that 27% of adult Americans under the age of 65 have health conditions that would likely leave them uninsurable if they applied for individual market coverage under pre-ACA underwriting practices that existed in nearly all states. While a large share of this group has coverage through an employer or public coverage where they do not face medical underwriting, these estimates quantify how many people could be ineligible for individual market insurance under pre-ACA practices if they were to ever lose this coverage. This is a conservative estimate as these surveys do not include sufficient detail on several conditions that would have been declinable before the ACA (such as HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis C). Additionally, millions more have other conditions that could be either declinable by some insurers based on their pre-ACA underwriting guidelines or grounds for higher premiums, exclusions, or limitations under pre-ACA underwriting practices. In a separate Kaiser Family Foundation poll, most people (53%) report that they or someone in their household has a preexisting condition.

You can find your representative’s phone number here. The House also has a switchboard operator at (202)205-3121. If you haven’t done this before, don’t worry. Identify yourself as a constituent and a voter. Say you are calling to ask that your representative vote no on HR277. Say the way preexisting conditions are handled is totally inadequate.

Please and thank you and pass this information along.


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