Specifically, this is a mini-rant on the lighting in women’s dressing rooms. I haven’t been in any men’s dressing rooms so your mileage may differ. (More)

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So yesterday, after putting it off for at least a year, I decided it was past time to go buy some new bras. It’s a toss up whether buying bras or buying jeans is a harder task. In either case, I just have to ask, “What’s up with the lighting in the fitting rooms?”

The lighting is bright white fluorescent. In a three way mirror, every flaw is highlighted. I thought maybe I was just old (70) and overly sensitive. My daughter-in-law laughed and reassured me that the fitting room lighting was designed to make even a fit young woman scream in terror.

Why not equip the fitting rooms with soft lighting, maybe pink toned lighting? Why not equip them with what I call skinny mirrors? How hard would this be? I assume the stores want me to buy and to feel good about what I am buying. Why on earth would they light the dressing rooms to make any woman terrified of looking in the mirror? I think of all the home decorating articles that speak to mood lighting and how to create ambiance. Isn’t someone writing articles for lighting dressing rooms?

For the record, I am not unhappy, generally speaking with my size and shape. I have maybe moved up a size since my twenties. I like my body. It has been a really good body to live in. I try to take care of it for the most part. Seeing it in the bright white lights of the fitting room was a shock.

Can’t some lighting consultant help out the stores? Really. They need help.


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