In a move that may shatter many liberal websites, Fox fired Bill O’Reilly. (More)

“The Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel”

The 21st Century Fox statement was short and to the point:

After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.

Who knew Fox was actually the CIA? Oh, they meant “the Company” another way. My bad.

Anyway, “the allegations” are a slew of sexual harassment charges that drove major advertisers to abandon O’Reilly’s show. Perhaps the response was shaped by the not-really-a-denial issued by O’Reilly’s lawyer:

It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially where there is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity-driven donation.

Well yeah, something that “purportedly happened” – as claimed by multiple women – and for which O’Reilly reportedly paid $13 million in settlements.

Vanity Fair’s Sarah Ellison reports that Fox may soon be firing other hosts and staffers as the sexual harassment allegations continue to fly:

The most unsettling feeling among some at Fox News, however, is that Wednesday’s events are only the beginning. “There’s more to come,” one Fox News insider told me, suggesting that there are more women with stories of harassment who have not come forward publicly. This estimation was affirmed by two people who heard such stories directly. Others are equally concerned about the attention that is being drawn to 21st Century Fox’s handling of the allegations by women inside the company.

The Hill’s Joe Cocha opines on where O’Reilly may go next, which is interesting but misses the point.

“I don’t know what I’ll do now”

The point being, of course, that the end of O’Reilly’s show will leave many liberal bloggers searching for new topics. My Daily Rage’s Lefty Lewis summarized what many are feeling:

I’m a dedicated liberal blogger. Every day I get up, watch Fox News clips to work up a good rage, and then vent at my website. I don’t know what I’ll do now. Beck has been gone for years, and now they’ve dumped O’Reilly. Yeah, they still have Hannity and I guess Tucker Carlson is taking over O’Reilly’s slot. But I don’t get half as many page hits when I write about Hannity, and Carlson is such a dork that no one takes him seriously.

I suppose I could write about stuff that Democrats and progressive news hosts say. But really, who cares? I mean, sure, if Bernie Sanders gives an interview saying the Democratic Party are a bunch of corporate whores, I can write about that and get page hits. But he won’t say that every day. I need daily content to keep my readers flaming each other, driving up my stats until I get linked at Memeorandum, pulling in more commenters and pushing my stats higher, so advertisers pay me to let them cover my pages with mouse-overs and pop-ups.

The bottom line is, O’Reilly was good for a click-bait Rant of the Day, pretty much every day. I am so screwed.

Maybe Trump will start a war, or invite the KKK to hold a cross-burning in the White House lawn, or – ooh! – sign an executive order telling police to arrest women at abortion clinics. I hope so. I mean, sure, that would suck for the troops or blacks or women. But it would give me stuff to be outraged about, and that’s what really matters. My job depends on it.

I’m not sure how they’ll get by….


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