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Today House Republicans leaked their Latest and Worst American Wealthcare Act, a deal that would let states dump coverage requirements and allow insurers to price pre-existing conditions out of the market in exchange for promising to create or join underfunded and inefficient high-risk pools. In other words, they’ve taken the previous Wealthcare Act’s least popular parts and made them even crueler despite polls showing Obamacare gaining in popularity and Americans wanting more people covered with lower out-of-pocket costs … all because the God-King wants to be able to say he repealed Obamacare in his first 100 days. Oh, and the Klanmaster General hinted that Hawaii isn’t really a state but merely “an island in the Pacific” and said “judges don’t get to psychoanalyze the president” by taking the God-King at his word. Are “states’ rights” for former Confederate states only, you know, like when that phrase was coined?


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