I am befuddled by the reinvigoration tour presently being conducted by DNC chair Tom Perez and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders. (More)

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What does the Democratic Party stand for? Once we were “Democrats.” Then we were “Liberals.” And when that became a dirty word, we became “Progressives.” Is this a rose by any other name smelling as sweet? Are we our platform and values or are we a cult of personalities?

I listened to Sen. Sanders, he of “I am an independent.” Saying he wanted to reform the party, meaning the Democratic Party whose nomination he sought but which he will not join. I get that Sanders is popular but I am not exactly sure why. Shouldn’t Democrats reform their own party? I remember that 45 wasn’t a Republican until he ran and look how that is working out.

Maybe I am just an old Democrat and have lost touch with politics today. I think we should stand for certain values and when people say, “I am a Democrat.” it ought to mean something. I no longer know what it means. I am opposed to open primaries. The potential for mischief is too great. It reeks of people not wanting to join a union but wanting the pay and benefits negotiated by the union.

Either you are a Democrat or you’re not. I get the big tent concept. I also get that we have to stand for something or we don’t stand for anything. I am confused.


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