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Today on Meet Week State Sunday Face, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly bragged that the God-King has “injected enough confusion” about U.S. policy to slow illegal immigration (so incoherence is the strategy?) and said he wants to reduce polygraphs and other extra vetting of border control agents who have military or law enforcement backgrounds (because veterans and cops would never take bribes). Meanwhile, House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Ed Royce wants to shut down foreign banks that do business in North Korea (how, exactly, would he shut down Chinese banks?), and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said things can only get better with Russia because relations are already “at the lowest point” (has he read a history book, ever?). And Sen. Bernie Sanders said the United Airlines incident shows “how dysfunctional, in many respects, the airlines are” (and reader comments blamed the doctor for refusing to obey flight crew and police orders). Did you have a nice Easter dinner?


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