There is an old adage that says, “When you’re in a hole stop digging.” Sean Spicer needs a shovel patrol. (More)

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Four of us were sitting on the porch last night and the topic of Sean Spicer came up. My son was leery of getting into politics but the other two convinced him he had to watch Spicer’s press conference and pulled up the video on their cell phones.

Chris, my son, was aghast. He said something like, “Man, that guy cannot think on his feet at all.”

To which his wife replied, “Forget about his feet. He can’t think period. Lots of people want him to be fired, just for the record.”

The third guy said, “He is the perfect press secretary for Trump. They are two peas in a pod. Neither of them makes any sense and the Trump supporters must love him.”

I gave the third guy a high five and said, “You may be right and that explains a lot. It doesn’t explain why Trump would keep him in that job though. Spicer can’t represent the White House Trump would like to be. Trump has fantasies of being a successful president. Spicer isn’t advancing his cause a bit.”

A long and very funny conversation ensued and am I sure most progressives had some version of it last night.

I am thinking of starting a consulting company called, “The Shovel Patrol.” I would send consultants out to public persons to stand by their side and say, “Stop Digging Now.” My initial client list would be Spicer, United Airlines and Pepsi. Pepsi may not need my services because between Spicer and United, they’ve been eclipsed.

Elect a clown, Expect a circus. Elect a bully, expect bullies to come out of their closets. We have not even made it through 100 days of this circus.


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