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This week a British company sparked controversy with high heels for infants and an Italian gang planned to kidnap the corpse of auto legend Enzo Ferrari, while Cyclone Debbie imitated Sharknado in Australia. In other animal news, a half-dozen cows broke out of a St. Louis slaughterhouse and Harvey the Cat will be reunited with his Denver family after a mysterious 9-month journey to Dallas. In caffeinated news, a Pittsburgh coffee shop is taking heat for customer loyalty punch-cards that feature the God-King and other conservatives and two Massachusetts Dunkin Donuts franchisees settled a lawsuit over fake butter. Also in Massachusetts, the sisters at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette want a “Nuns Crossing” sign. And in Floriduh, a high school principal apologized after posting an offensive prom dress guide. Umm, “You’re a Good Girl!”? What was she thinking?


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Mixed NutsTrump, Pence Resign; Sanders to Be Sworn In as Next POTUS


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