I followed the United Airlines “incident of banning guest pass passengers from boarding a flight wearing leggings.” It brought to mind another conversation with my oldest daughter-in-law. (More)

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In case you missed this flap about dress codes for people flying on free passes, here is a nice summary of United Airlines position. If a person is flyng on a guest pass, a different dress code applies.

It turns out that leggings and yoga wear are a hot topic of discussion and disagreement in my family. My nephew firmly believes that yoga pants are fine in the yoga studio but so not fine in the grocery store or Target. He doesn’t make exceptions for adult aged people or gender. He just doesn’t see them as street wear. He and his wife both do yoga and also rock climbing and anything outdoorsy. His wife asked if their climbing clothes were okay for the grocery store and if so, why not their yoga clothes. He didn’t have an answer except to say, “It’s darkly light in the yoga studio.” We all laughed. When asked if their 19 month old daughter could wear leggings in public, he said, “Of course she can. She’s a kid.”

I came over to my oldest son and daughter-in-law’s house wearing running tights (I am not a runner) and a new top. She said she really liked what I was wearing and where did I get the top. I told her and since her birthday was coming up I said, “I’ll get you a top for your birthday.” She was cool with that and happy that I found her the same top in blue.

She wore the top on vacation and loved it but said, “I don’t know what to think. I am now 40 and wearing the same top as a 70-year-old. What’s up with that? Am I old or are you young or doesn’t it matter?”

I pointed out yoga wear and the vast differences of the ages of people doing yoga, all pretty much wearing the same clothing. Where I do yoga the people range from late teens to late 80s. We all dress kind of the same. I told her that if the clothing fit your life style it was ageless. She smiled and apparently felt better.

I tried to remember being 40 and what the older women wore. Lots of polyester and for sure no jeans. I still wear jeans and I am not giving them up because of a certain age. Screw that nonsense. I am also not giving up comfort and hi-tech fabrics due to my age. I even have leggings and wear them because they are comfortable.

End of argument.


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