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Today an “erratic and aggressive” woman was arrested after crashing her car into a Capitol Police cruiser. Police fired several shots during the arrest, but no one was injured and a Capitol Police spokesman said there was “no nexis to terrorism.” But that didn’t stop racists like Teresa Monroe-Hamilton from branding the woman a terrorist and speculating about connections to the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra released an arrest warrant documenting 15 felony charges against the right-wing agitators who secretly recorded conversations with Planned Parenthood officials. The wingnuts face 14 counts of unlawfully recording private conversations and one count of criminal conspiracy to invade privacy. And Senate Republicans seem ready to kill the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations and ram through the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. And Princess Ivanka will officially become a White House employee, expanding the God-King’s immunity from federal nepotism laws. Does the God-King think the federal government should be his family business?


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