He’s still acting as if members of Congress are his employees…. (More)

“The president has said he wants a vote tomorrow up or down”

Last night the God-King told House Republicans to vote on the GOP’s Wealthcare Act today or he’ll move on:

In the meeting with House Republicans on Thursday night, according to Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told his former colleagues “the president needs this, the president has said he wants a vote tomorrow up or down.”

“If for any reason it’s down, we’re just going to move forward with additional parts of his agenda,” Collins described Mulvaney as saying. “This is our moment in time.”

Yawn. Here’s the thing.

House Republicans can vote on their latest version of bill today, although they don’t have the votes to pass it and the current bill is even less popular than Congress itself. Even if they could somehow muster the votes, the Senate Parliamentarian may decide the House bill violates the Byrd Rule, leaving Senate Republicans with the choice of letting the bill die or nuking the filibuster completely.

Or Speaker Ryan look at that ugly poll on the current bill, listen to Republicans’ angry constituents, and work with Democrats to craft a meaningful package of improvements to the Affordable Care Act. Because that same poll shows that, while only a tiny minority want to repeal Obamacare, a solid majority of Americans want to improve it.

Let’s say Speaker Ryan decides to do that and – a week or a month from now – comes forward with a bill that can actually pass both the House and the Senate.

What, exactly, would the God-King’s ‘ultimatum’ mean then? Would he veto such a bill, to punish their defiance? Maybe … if he’s a complete idiot. And that’s not impossible.

The God-King hasn’t grasped that doesn’t set the agenda in the House, or the Senate. He can’t order House Republicans to vote today. He can’t “move forward with additional parts of his agenda,” not if they involve legislation. He can only ask Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to put his priorities on their chambers’ agendas.

Government is not his family business, and members of Congress are not his employees. When they refuse to commit political suicide on command, that’s not the evil machinations of some amorphous, all-encompassing ‘deep state.’ It’s just … how our government works.

Oh, and if you’re gonna hold a meeting to decide whether health insurance should cover maternity care, here’s a tip: have some women at the meeting. Otherwise you look like sexist assholes:

Just sayin’.


Photo Credit: Zach Gibson (Getty Images)


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