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Today TIME released Michael Scherer’s interview with the God-King about lying and, surprise!, the God-King lied his way through an interview about lying. The Atlantic’s David Graham highlighted the money quote – “I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not” – noting how the God-King twists later events to ‘prove’ his lies were true, but Graham’s colleague Yoni Applebaum insists the God-King will learn that “facts are stubborn things.” The Washington Monthly’s Nancy LeTourneau said the God-King’s approach is all about dominance and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait said it’s all about power, while Sherer says the God-King’s lies are calculated to control the news narrative but voters will be the final fact-checkers. Does Sherer’s analysis actually reinforce the God-King’s claim that, so long as he’s winning, whatever he says must be true enough?


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