I write as a concerned constituent. I know you were an early supporter of President Trump. I ask you to carefully reconsider your support of him. (More)

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There are plenty of examples of Trump lying and peddling conspiracy theories. His search for President Obama’s birth certificate was a cheap trick that garnered him lots of free publicity early on. His claims of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower are just plain lies in search of a headline. The next lie that somehow British intelligence tapped him is a dangerous way to alienate an international ally of long standing.

The idea that the jobs numbers were fake under Obama but are now legitimate isn’t funny. Good policy decisions require a process that relies on data to estimate the impact on people’s lives. All this fake news, fake statistics and alternate facts is destroying people’s trust in their government and by extension you as our Representative.

Speaking of data, the idea that 24 million people will lose health insurance under the AHCA is not good nor is the fact that many people will be paying more for less. For the record, I strongly support fixing the ACA and funding Planned Parenthood.

Between his unpredictable twitter wars, his conspiracy theories and the large number of still unstaffed positions, Trump is demonstrating daily that he is not temperamentally suited to the job nor competent to take it on. Your unwavering support of this president, this mentally ill and childish man, puts our democracy at risk. I hope you are ready to vote for impeachment and I hope it comes up before he bombs North Korea in a fit of pique.

I am a life long Democrat. I volunteer for Democrats and donate to them. At the rate this is going, I am looking forward to retiring you in 2018.


Linda Lee


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