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Today Director James Comey testified on the FBI’s investigations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election, collusion between the God-King’s campaign and Russian intelligence, and the God-King’s baseless claim that President Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower. The key takeaways: there’s overwhelming evidence of Russian meddling, some evidence of collusion with the God-King’s campaign, and no evidence for that ridiculous wiretap charge. Meanwhile, the God-King had yet another Twitter tantrum, and Comey shot down the God-King’s comments as they were read during the hearing. Comey said the FBI investigation will continue and includes “whether there were crimes committed,” but the only ‘crimes’ House Intelligence Chair Trey Gowdy cares about are government employees talking to the media and the FBI. Have House Republicans all but declared that they’ll shovel the God-King’s story regardless of evidence?


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