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Today the Out House’s “1600 Daily” newsletter included a link to Alexandra Petri’s Washington Post column titled “Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why,” perhaps not noticing that Petri is a humorist whose Post blog is titled “ComPost.” But you’d think someone at the Out House might have noticed the streams of all-caps, such as “RAW POWER! HARD RAW POWER GRRRRRR HISSS POW!” Or maybe that’s what they think real journalism looks like. Regardless, Petri felt “honored to finally be real, true news” and said she’ll subscribe to the Out House daily newsletter “now that I know it uses reliable sources.” She even wrote another column today, saying she’s fine if Out House staffers only read her headlines because “I agree that my articles are much worse if you click on them.” Should America’s children “be taught by an F-35 wearing a Make America Great Again hat?”


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We took the day off. I’d love to say we did that because it’s St. Patrick’s Day … but honestly, I was busy with 3D art and Lake Toba was busy with work.


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