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Today House Speaker Paul Ryan revealed the bait-and-switch behind the American Wealthcare Act by saying the devastating CBO report was good news because “CBO also finds that this legislation will provide massive tax relief, dramatically reduce the deficit, and make the most fundamental entitlement reform in more than a generation.” Speaker Ryan and other Republicans also celebrated the CBO’s finding that average premiums will ultimately decline, but only because older and sicker working-class Americans won’t be able to afford insurance at all. For example, a 64-year-old earning $26,500 per year in 2026 would pay an estimated $1700 for health insurance under Obamacare, and an eye-popping $14,600 – over half his/her annual income – under the Wealthcare Act. And all that to give millionaires and billionaires a permanent tax cut. Surprisingly, many House Republicans are standing up for the elderly and working poor in their districts, including some who voted for the bill in committees before the CBO report was issued, and even Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said balked at the skyrocketing premiums for older working Americans. Will Out House Sewer Spewer Sean Spicer’s torrent of lies corral enough GOP votes to save this disastrous bill?


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