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Gregorio Conti was elected Antipope Victor IV today (1138). Also, the New College in Cambridge, Massachusetts was renamed in honor of John Harvard, whose will had bequeathed his personal library to the institution (1639), William Herschel discovered Uranus (1781), Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto premiered with Ferdinand David as the soloist (1845), a bomber assassinated Russia’s Alexander II (1881), San Diego State University was founded (1897), confirmation of the discovery of Pluto was telegraphed to the Harvard College Observatory (1930), banks reopened after President Franklin Roosevelt’s three-day “bank holiday” (1933), CBS Radio’s World News Roundup premiered (1938), Joint Chief Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer proposed false flag terrorist attacks on Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, dubbed Operation Northwoods, for which Lemnitzer was soon demoted by President John Kennedy (1962), Phoenix police arrested Ernesto Miranda, whose confession and conviction would later be overturned in Miranda v. Arizona (1963), Kitty Genovese was murdered in New York City (1964), the Seikan Tunnel opened between Aomori and Hakodate, Japan (1988), over 500 people died as a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Erzincan, Turkey (1993), 18 people including 16 children were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland (1996), hundreds of witnesses reported mysterious lights over Phoenix (1997), Nature reported the discovery of 350,000 year-old human footprints in Italy (2003), gold topped $1000 per ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange for the first time (2008), and Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope Francis I (2013). And 37 people were killed when a car bomber struck near the Güvenpark in Ankara, Turkey, on the same day 16 people were killed when three gunmen opened fire at a beach resort in Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast (2016).


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