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Today Sharon Begley reported that the American Wealthcare Act would allow employers to demand DNA samples from all employees, expanding a misguided ACA “workplace wellness” scheme that does nothing to reduce workplace health care costs but does let employers shift the costs onto their employees. Meanwhile, Aaron Blake reports that Republicans are pushing a myth of 2009 where Democrats rushed Obamacare through Congress in two weeks, rather than the 20-month, 30-public-hearing, 160-amendment ordeal that began in 2008 and culminated in the 2010 Affordable Care Act. (The GOP need that mythical 2009 to justify their own rush-it-through process.) Meanwhile, conservatives are blaming Speaker Ryan rather than the God-King, even though the Wealthcare Act betrays the God-King’s repeated campaign promises. And Reihan Salam imagines a GOP that believes “If there’s a conflict between rich people’s money and the lives of ordinary Americans, we’re going to choose the latter every time.” Is the Wealthcare Act exposing the GOP’s true values?


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