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Today the God-King revealed his new plan to destroy Obamacare: let it fail and blame Democrats. His problem: the GOP’s Wealthcare Act is just one issue that is revealing his campaign as what the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent calls “a monumental fraud.” Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now admitting that Mexico won’t pay for the God-King’s wall and four states have moved to block the God-King’s latest Muslim Ban. A new paper by the Brookings Institution says the CBO will score the Wealthcare Act as denying health care to at least 15 million Americans and the Post’s Charles Lane says Speaker Ryan “should have written the bill on a large white tablecloth and run it up the nearest flagpole.” Lane’s colleague E.J. Dionne says this week exposes the God-King’s “fantasyland,” while Jennifer Rubin says “so far the Trumpist GOP and its hodgepodge of ill-conceived ideas gleaned from Fox News (with its obsession over illegal immigration for which it provides oodles of incorrect data) have fallen flat.” Are the God-King and Republicans reminding Americans why they elected Barack Obama … twice?


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