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Today New York City police arrested Juan Thompson for making a series of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers in St. Louis, although the investigation is still open as Thompson sent his threats in late January and early February and many other bomb threats against Jewish targets remain unsolved. Of course wingnuts are thrilled because Thompson was fired by The Intercept for writing false stories, plus he’s black, both of which fit the God-King’s myth about political violence. The Intercept issued a statement about Thompson’s arrest, saying “These actions are heinous and should be fully investigated and prosecuted.” This comes on the same day that James Wolcott wrote a Vanity Fair piece denouncing a so-called “alt-left,” but The New Republic’s Sarah Jones says there is no alt-left and calls Wolcott’s article a “smear.” Is Steve M. correct that the difference is that liberal media outlets fired Johnson, while wingnut outlets recruit and promote conspiracy mongers?


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