The God-King, Speaker Paul Ryan, and other Republicans can’t agree on how to screw hardworking families…. (More)

Conundra, Conundrums, or Conundrumset?

First, English can be silly. For example, the plural of referendum is referenda, so the Professor of Astrology Janitor thinks the plural of conundrum should be conundra. But the Official BPI Googlizationalizator says the plural is conundrums. I like conundrumset. Ba-dum-pah.

The problems are predictable enough.

For starters, the God-King wants to boost military spending by 10% and pay for it by gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (coz who really needs clean air or water?), the State Department (why waste taxpayer dollars on anti-Semitism when Da Jooz have all da money?), and the social safety net (would poor people even be poor if we didn’t make it so cushy?). Plus he insists everyone will have “something special” for health insurance (although nobody knew it could be so complicated!) after he and Republicans trash the Affordable Care Act.

Well, turns out he can’t just crank up military spending without violating the 2011 Budget Control Act, and Senate Democrats will filibuster any attempt to change that law, although the God-King and Republicans can probably ignore the law because no one would have standing to challenge them in court.

Plus some Republicans don’t want to starve working families to fatten the wallets of defense contractors, while other Republicans want to gut Social Security and Medicare, and still other Republicans insist an extra $54 billion isn’t nearly enough for the defense lobby.

And then there’s the whole health care thing. Some Republicans hate the idea that everyone might be able to buy insurance:

Two prominent House conservatives said Monday that they would vote against a draft of the Republican Obamacare repeal bill that was leaked last week, presenting a serious roadblock to the GOP’s increasingly complicated efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, told CNN on Monday that he cannot support a draft of the GOP Obamacare repeal bill unless substantial changes are made.

Hours later, Rep. Mark Walker, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, announced that he, too, could not support the leaked version of the legislation.
Meadows told CNN that what is unacceptable to him are the refundable tax credits included in the draft of the bill. Those tax credits, the North Carolina congressman said, are nothing short of an “entitlement program.”

“What is conservative about a new entitlement program and a new tax increase? And should that be the first thing that the President signs of significance that we sent to the new President?” Meadows said in an interview. “A new Republican president signs a new entitlement and a new tax increase as his first major piece of legislation? I don’t know how you support that – do you?”

Of course, Rep. Meadows says his complaint is that rich people would be eligible for the same tax credits as working families, but he also hates the ACA’s needs-based premium subsidies. Basically, he and other hardliners don’t think anyone should get help to buy health insurance.

Meanwhile, Speaker Ryan knows that gutting Social Security and Medicare would be political suicide, as would throwing tens of millions of working families to the wolves on health care. Plus there’s still that pesky Budget Control Act, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a filibuster-proof majority. But the GOP base are howling for blood.

Conundrumset, indeed.


Photo Credit: Zach Gibson (Getty Images)


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