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Squirrel@BPI: Welcome to the BPI Campus, Miss Cellaneous.

MissCellaneous: Thank you, Regis. Or do you prefer Squirrel?

Squirrel@BPI: I’m fine with either. Before we get started, I have to ask … how do you text without … arms?

MissCellaneous: It’s hard, but I’m no dummy. Well, except in the literal sense.

Squirrel@BPI: I would never say otherwise, Miss. Anyway, we invited you here to discuss the news, so … what’s on your mind?

MissCellaneous: Lots of things. For example, Republicans are facing lots of angry constituents at town halls, because people don’t want the GOP to gut health insurance.

Squirrel@BPI: That’s true, although Aaron Blake says that may not mean much because Both Sides-ism … or something.

MissCellaneous: Balderdash. Back in 2009, Tea Partyers were howling about wingnut myths that they thought were facts. The people showing up to save Obamacare have real needs.

Squirrel@BPI: You have a point. But the God-King doesn’t care about reality.

MissCellaneous: Yes, and people have noticed. A new poll found that 52% of Americans trust the media more than they trust the God-King, while only 37% trust him more than the media. And 90% said it’s very important that the media hold public officials accountable.

Squirrel@BPI: Someone has to. Politico is reporting today that House Republicans plan to bury a Democratic resolution that would force the God-King to disclose his ties to Russia and other conflicts of interest.

MissCellaneous: Of course. They’re more worried about letting bullies beat up transgender kids, because freedom.

Squirrel@BPI: Sigh. Yeah. On the plus side, did you see that a mathematician at Tufts University has some new geometric tools to measure compactness in redistricting cases?

MissCellaneous: I did. She’d like to limit gerrymandering, and she’s offering a summer training course to teach other mathematicians how to be expert witnesses, so they can explain it to judges.

Squirrel@BPI: Well, I can see why you won that title. You sure know a lot of miscellaneouses … miscellaneousness–

MissCellaneous: –miscellany.

Squirrel@BPI: Yes, thank you. You sure know a lot of that.

MissCellaneous: Thank you. My smart phone is … pretty smart.

Squirrel@BPI: Well, it’s been a pleasure, Miss Cellaneous. Thank you for visiting the BPI Campus!

MissCellaneous: Thank you for having me! Now can you put me on that dolly, so I can roll out the door?


Photo Credit: Neato Shop (Pinterest)


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