My then three year old son uttered the words, “You are not the boss of me” to his older brother during a sibling conversation. It became a family quote often repeated. (More)

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Reflecting on the question of who exactly is the boss of me got me to thinking. There are issues of control and power implied in the question. Who has the power? Who has the control?

In a work situation, the ‘boss’ has control over what is expected of a worker. Belonging to a union gives a worker some leverage over those expectations. No wonder that the oligarchs seek to destroy unions at every opportunity. No wonder that right to work (for less) laws are sweeping the red states. I hope that the resistance includes ways to get more workers into unions.

The other way that this comment, “You are not the boss of me,” struck me is even more political. The Trump administration in all its disarray is hell bent on sowing fear in hopes that scared people will want him to be the “boss of them.” I am not signing up for this. Period.

I am the boss of me. I can choose how I respond to the campaign of fear. I can choose the resistance. I can choose to believe in my fellow citizens and their goodness. I can choose to volunteer and speak out against the hate speech and division sowed by the administration. I choose my response. I choose to live and act on my democratic values. I choose to believe that we are stronger together.

Trump will never be “the boss of me.”


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