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Today White House Sewer Outlet Sean Spicer admitted that White House Magpie Kellyanne Conway violated a federal law yesterday by promoting Ivanka Trump’s businesses on Fox News. New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait cites the statute in question and the Washingtonian’s Benjamin Freed reports that complaints may have overwhelmed the Office of Government Ethics website, while Talking Points Memo’s Esme Cribb noted that even Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer said Conway’s promotion of Trump products “crossed a very, very important bright line” and was “totally out of bounds.” But as the media chased the magpie’s latest shiny bauble, No More Mister Nice Blog’s Steve M reminds us that the Wall Street Journal reported several companies moving hundreds of jobs to Mexico, disregarding the God-King’s “carrot of tax cuts and deregulations [sic].” Are near-daily scandals a White House tactic to distract the media from news that doesn’t fit the God-King’s agenda?


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