My youngest is 37 and graduated from high school in 1998. A hard reality of losing classmates to disease is hitting him. (More)

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One acquaintance died yesterday. He had a brain tumor. He leaves a wife and two daughters ages 4 and 6. He was diagnosed when the youngest was a baby. My son’s Facebook page exploded with photos and memories and a collective outpouring of grief and support. This young man had done a lot of things right. He went to college and law school and had made partner. His death put lots of things in perspective for the friends who now mourn him. The photos of him with his girls really hit my son hard.

Another classmate, a closer friend is seriously ill. His mom called my son and asked him to come visit. This might be harder for my son. Last night we talked some about how he should approach this. My only advice was to follow his friend’s lead and go where he wanted to go.

These are, will be the first deaths of people his age. It has put lots of things into perspective for him. It is a reminder for all of his blessings and how often we focus on the unimportant and trivial.


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