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Today White House Sewer Outlet Sean Spicer called Nordstom’s decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line a “direct attack” on the God-King, while Nordstrom said they dropped her line because it wasn’t selling. Meanwhile, women and people of color turned “She Persisted” into a rallying cry, while The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson reported on the God-King’s bizarre arguments to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Lawfare’s Nora Ellingsen offered hard data, based on her service as an FBI anti-terrorism analyst, to show that the God-King’s Muslim ban has no basis in actual risks. And Rosie Ayliffe was furious that the God-King cited her daughter’s murder as an “underreported” terrorist attack, when there is no evidence that her daughter’s killer had any religious or ideological agenda. Do you believe Nordstrom, or the White House Sewer Outlet?


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