I think we need a new verb. I humbly suggest “Trumpled.” It is kind of like being trampled but with a specific cause, namely Donald Trump. (More)

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As a bridge player, trumped has a very particular meaning. If your bid is in a suit and you are void in another suit, playing one of your trump cards can take the trick. If the bid is no trump, the highest card in the suit led takes the trick. I’d so love it if the country was playing “no trump” right now. But alas, we’re stuck with him for a while.

The Donald is trampling all sorts of norms, conventions and institutions. The Republicans, to maintain power and not alienate his base are acquiescent. I think they are trumpling the country, our democracy and the average Americans.

My new line to the two extended family members who enthusiastically voted for him is, “You are about to be trumpled.” The first conversation was about Goldman Sachs and Donald’s line about draining the swamp and Hillary’s speeches. I pointed out that five or six of his high level appointees were from Goldman Sachs. I asked both of them to just turn off Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for a month and read their local newspapers. If they were to come out of their “Trump bubble” I said, maybe they would understand why the rest of us were scared shitless.

I have watched as GOP representatives run from their constituents over ACA ‘repeal and replace’ nonsense. I have watched as thousands demonstrated at airports in objection to his ban on Muslim immigrants. I have watched as tech companies and academia supported immigrants.

As a country, as citizens, we can choose not to be trumpled. I call my senators and representatives every morning. I pick one topic and for Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken it is often a “Way to go.” For Tom Emmer it is more often a “try harder. You are on the wrong side of history.” Phone calls are the way to be heard. Make your three today. Make them right now.


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