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Bartolomeu Dias landed in Mossel Bay, the first known European to have rounded the Cape of Good Hope, today (1488). Also, Tulip Mania, the first documented economic bubble, collapsed (1637), the Massachusetts colony issued the first paper money in the Americas (1690), militia forces led by Benjamin Lincoln captured 150 troops of Shay’s Rebellion at Petersham, Massachusetts, although the rebel leaders escaped to Vermont and New Hampshire (1787), Congress established the Illinois Territory (1809), the London Protocol affirmed the sovereignty of Greece (1830), Wake Forest University was founded (1834), the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified (1870), as was the Sixteenth (1913), a fire destroyed the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada (1916), San Francisco’s almost 12,000-foot Twin Peaks Tunnel opened as the longest streetcar tunnel in the world (1918), 258 people died as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked the Hawke’s Bay region in New Zealand’s deadliest recorded natural disaster (1931), Snag, Yukon reached -80°F, the coldest temperature ever recorded in North America (1947), Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg founded the Benelux Economic Union that set the pattern for the European Economic Community (1958), Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J. P. Richardson, and pilot Roger Peterson died in the plane crash immortalized as “the day the music died” in Don McLean’s “American Pie” (1959), British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan gave his “Wind of Change” speech in South Africa, signaling his willingness to support decolonization (1960), an agricultural workers’ protest in Baixa de Cassanje grew into the Angolan War of Independence (1961), the Soviet Luna 9 probe made the first controlled landing on the Moon (1966), the Palestinian National Congress appointed Yasser Arafat to lead the Palestinian Liberation Organization (1969), officer Frank Serpico was shot during a drug bust but would survive to testify about corruption in the New York Police Department (1971), the 7-day Iran Blizzard began and would kill 4000, the deadliest snowstorm on record (1972), a coup d’état deposed Alfredo Stroessner, who had been Paraguay’s dictator for 35 years (1989), Eileen Collins became the first woman to pilot a space shuttle (1995), 20 people died when a U.S. military jet struck a tramway cable near the ski resort town of Cavalese, Italy (1998), 135 people were killed when a truck bomb exploded in a crowded market in Baghdad, Iraq (2007), and 2 teachers were killed when a gunman attacked a Moscow high school (2014). And 6 people died when an SUV collided with a commuter train in Valhalla, New York (2015).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology lacked a unifying theme while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Aquarius: Enjoy peace and quiet this weekend. Let us know where you found it.

Pisces: Don’t let haste make waste this weekend. Let hesitation lose instead.

Aries: Combine passion with perseverance this weekend. Definitely new batteries.

Taurus: Your dreams will be there when you finish work this weekend. Coz you’ll need a nap.

Gemini: Step back to get a wider perspective. Keep stepping. No, farther.

Cancer: Try to improve over yesterday this weekend. That’s a low bar.

Leo: Goals are within reach this weekend. If they’re easy enough.

Virgo: Turn your gaze inward this weekend. A Q-Tip is good for navel cleaning.

Libra: Be tactful as you chase goals this weekend. Umm, no comment.

Scorpio: Don’t obsess over details this weekend. Obsess over the big flaws.

Sagittarius: Don’t let guilt ruin your weekend. Blame someone else.

Capricorn: Little acts are stepping stones this weekend. Big acts are sidewalks, maybe.


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