I am the caregiver during the day time for my now 5 month old granddaughter. I think in many ways this very personal relationship is keeping me sane. (More)

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On Sunday, my son, his wife and their daughter left to drive to Iowa for her grandfather’s funeral. They came back Sunday night. I was at the grocery store. When I came into the living room Maddie was in her mother’s arms. I said hi to her and she giggled and beamed and stretched out her arms. I lit up inside and out.

I remember being taken with my son as a baby but this is different. I had a full time professional job and though he was an interesting kid and I loved him dearly, I couldn’t focus on him the way I can focus on her. This is truly a gift for me in the midst of the madness of our government meltdown. I wish every parent and every grandparent could have the luxury I have.

Day care costs for an infant run $1,500 a month. That means for people making $15 an hour they would have to work for 100 hours just to cover day care. This is so not doable for so many people. I was stunned by the price tag and I’m betting most people without young babies would be too. The idea of a living wage takes on new meaning when the cost of having a baby are included. That cost reflects a licensed child care center and not the many licensed home day care providers which are maybe $500/month cheaper.

I read to Maddie and I sing to her. I make up songs. Every day I sing, “It’s a happy Maddie xxxday, happy xxxday, happy Maddie.” She grins big time. I will say that when she is stressed I sing Kum-ba-ya and she calms right down. I sing “Hello Dolly” changed to “Hello Maddie” and she loves it. I have also sang, “We might have come here in different ships but we’re in the same boat now.” I am singing songs that mean something to me and hopefully arming her for the world she will grow up in.

I am trying to teach her to turn the page. Right now, she has a strong right hook and can knock the book out of my hands. We have a ways to go. She is almost to saying “moo” and has a very soft stuffed cow. She hugs and eats the cow.

I firmly believe that children our are future. Given the right wing agenda, I have to wonder what they believe.


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