At 7pm Saturday night, I received a text message from a Bangladeshi-American woman about a protest Sunday afternoon.  At the time, only seven people had signed up on the Facebook page for it. By 1pm Sunday, nearly a thousand had. (More)

Assembled in the January chill, in Peace Plaza, Rochester Minnesota, was a diverse crowd representing Americans of all origins. Our speakers included Muslim-American men and women, union leaders, children, community activists and a state representative.

Afterwards, my friend told me she was surprised to see so many white people at the rally. I told her I was pleased to see so many people of color.

Visibility events like this aren’t just for sending a message to Trump, or his Republican cronies. This sends a message to the vulnerable minorities in our communities. They aren’t alone.

Her worry hasn’t gone away. But at least she knows that not all Americans share Trump’s hatred.

I’m proud to say that I was part of that protest.

Here are some photos from the event.



Image Credits: Lake Toba (