The God-King asked, so I’ll answer…. (More)

Wingnuts are tripping over themselves trying to discredit the stunning display of progressive resistance signaled by Saturday’s Women’s March. I should say Women’s Marches, plural, as there were almost 700 – totaling millions of men, women, and children – in towns and cities across the U.S. and on every continent … including Antarctica. Even the penguins got it.

Even so, the Daily Mail’s Katie Hopkins dismissed the “pussy march” because “Anger is not enough,” as if the organizers hadn’t published a detailed, progressive vision for their march and our nation. And the Washington Examiner’s Byron York called it a “pussy riot,” I guess because any progressive protest – even one so peaceful that not a single arrest was made – must be framed as a “riot.”

But the God-King was not content to let others dismiss the march:

Well, okay, since you asked …

millions of them did vote!

Take a look at that picture at the top of the story. I know you keep pretending it didn’t happen, or didn’t matter because “why should a handful of counties in California and New York decide who governs the country?” as if their voices and votes are somehow less American than ranchers in Wyoming or farmers in Nebraska … but the fact remains that more people voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for you. In fact, over 53% of Americans voted against you, almost the same percentage that voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Indeed, despite your and their triumphalist boasting, the fact remains that in 2016 Republicans lost seats in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. That’s hardly the “overwhelming mandate” that Kellyanne Conway claims at every opportunity. Indeed it’s no mandate at all.

And, despite your and Sean Spicer’s and Conway’s desperate, whiny lies, three times more people came to Washington to protest your inauguration apotheosis than to attend it.

It’s true that none of those facts changes the outcome of the election. It’s true that we’re stuck with you as our God-King for at least four years, unless some personal or political tragedy saddles us with the Vice-God-King.

However, those facts do mean you’re the least popular man to step into the Oval Office in recent history. Perhaps ever. So you might pause to consider why, listen to your critics, and at least pretend to know what the word “humility” means.

But please don’t. Please continue with your mantra of “I won!” as if that justifies every radical policy, every corrupt and nepotistic grift, every juvenile Twitter tantrum, and every taunt you hurl at the media.

Please – pretty please – piss off as many people as you can, as quickly as you can, as completely as you can.

Please – pretty please with a macadamia on top – continue to be the arrogant, whiny, lying, bullying lout that you think ‘won.’

You’ll make our resistance ever so much more popular, and ever so much more effective.


Photo Credit: MSNBC


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