Dear Mr. President:

Let me thank you sincerely for your years of service to this country.  Your steady leadership, grace, and love of country and humanity made you a beacon of hope for Americans and the people of the world.  You faced untold challenges here at home and abroad, and like all Americans who can only watch from afar, I can merely guess at how difficult it was for you, First Lady Michelle, and your wonderful daughters Malia and Sasha.

History, I think will regard you fondly.  You shall be held in the highest regard among presidents.  A peer to Lincoln, or FDR, or Kennedy, a man who had such faith in America, in each and every one of us, that you fought for us tirelessly.  And in that striving, achieved so much. From decisive leadership in bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, to salvaging our economy from the Great Recession, to opening the doors to normalization with Cuba, to the restoration of our place of respect and leadership in the world, to the Paris climate agreement, to expanding our preservation of our natural resources, to the explosion of green energy and the reduction of our carbon emissions, to being a pastor for so many in their times of grief, to championing civil rights, to the Consumere Financial Protection Bereau, and to giving health insurance to thirty million Americans, the list of your achievements is great.

I have often thought during your presidency, that you are a once in a lifetime president.  The kind of president we could only hope to have seen, and one which after you are gone, all others that come shall pale.  I shall forever feel blessed that I have lived in a time to have seen you become president, and watched a truly great man do so much for us.

Your legacy shall long endure.  Not just because of your service, but because of what you represented.  You are America personified.  You are the America I grew up believing in.  You are the America I wish to remain in.  You are the America I will fight for.

Finally, I want to thank you for showing that, together,

Yes we can






Image Credits: ABC News, Getty Images, Presidential Pet Museum, Wikipedia