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Today Health and Human Services Secretary-nominee Tom Price ducked questions about the details of the Grifter-elect’s health care plan while insisting the goal is to make sure all Americans “have the opportunity to gain access” to health insurance, prompting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to retort: “I have access to buying a $10 million home. I don’t have the money to do that.” Meanwhile, Price both bemoaned the high out-of-pocket costs of medical care under ACA plans and praised the higher-deductible health (read: higher out-of-pocket costs) GOP-backed plans. The National Review’s Yuval Levin explains that many Republicans favor plans to “allow the states to auto-enroll uninsured people in plans with premiums equal to the federal tax credit for which they are eligible; these would amount to a kind of ‘universal catastrophic coverage policy’” (read: the ACA’s low-premium catastrophic coverage plans without the ACA’s mandatory preventive care benefits), and/or block-grant Medicaid to the states (read: slash Medicaid eligibility and benefits). Will Republicans ever admit that their real goal is to keep Those People out of waiting rooms, lest They “make going to the doctor … like going to the DMV?”


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