The mail room clerk had an odd expression as she came into the mail room. (More)

I chittered hello and tapped at my Blewberry:

Squirrel@BPI: You look very …

MsCrissie@BPI: Focused. This is how we look when we get into our work for the Grafix Department, or when we’re writing.

Squirrel@BPI: That’s a good thing, right?

MsCrissie@BPI: Well, kinda. It turns out that’s also why our shoulder hurts.

Squirrel@BPI: I meant to ask, what did the doctor say yesterday?

MsCrissie@BPI: He said we have bursitis and rotator cuff tendonitis.

PootieP@BPI: Umm, kan u say dat in simple werdz?

MsCrissie@BPI: Sure. The bursa is a little disk of cartilage in the shoulder joint. Bursitis means that disk is swollen.

PootieP@BPI: An de uther part?

Squirrel@BPI: Yes, the rotator cuff tendonitis?

MsCrissie@BPI: The rotator cuff tendons connect the muscles of the upper arm, chest, shoulder, and upper back to the bones. Tendonitis means they’re all swollen too. The doctor said the pain and the popping when we move our arm back is those swollen tendons getting caught in the joint.

PootieP@BPI: Oweez.

Squirrel@BPI: Yes, that sounds … painful.

MsCrissie@BPI: It’s very painful, but only for a few seconds. That’s why we didn’t ask for pain meds. The burst of pain would be gone before we could pick up the pill bottle. But the swollen tendons are also pressing on the brachial nerve.

PootieP@BPI: Umm….

Squirrel@BPI: Yes, what’s that?

MsCrissie@BPI: It’s the bundle of nerves that runs under the shoulder and down the arm. The shoulder has been hurting for a few weeks, but yesterday afternoon we noticed that our fingertips were tingling. That’s why we hurried to the doctor.

PootieP@BPI: An datz y u diddent do da Kwestshun?

MsCrissie@BPI: Yes, we were at the doctor and then the pharmacy all afternoon. So Lake Toba stepped in and did Campus Question.

Squirrel@BPI: And the doc said that was because you focus on your work?

MsCrissie@BPI: Yes. We get too focused, so much that we sit at our desk and mouse and type for two or three or even four hours, hardly moving hardly anything else. The doctor said that’s very bad for our shoulder.

PootieP@BPI: U shud stop doin dat. Just sayin’.

MsCrissie@BPI: The doctor said the same thing. He said we need to take breaks to get up and move around and stretch. He also prescribed physical therapy.

Squirrel@BPI: What will the physical therapist do?

MsCrissie@BPI: Teach us the right ways to move and stretch my arm, to recover the strength and flexibility in our shoulder.

PootieP@BPI: And datz it?

MsCrissie@BPI: Well, he also gave us medicine to take down the swelling. But he said the swelling will come right back unless we take breaks and do the physical therapy exercises.

PootieP@BPI: Ai haz a eksersize 4 u. U kan take brakes to pet me and gibz me noms.

MsCrissie@BPI: We thought you might suggest that.

Squirrel@BPI: Well, she’s not a physical therapist, but she’s a cat and they know all about stretching.

MsCrissie@BPI: True. Maybe the physical therapist will tell us to paint whiskers on our cheeks too.

PootieP@BPI: Dat wud b kewt!

Squirrel@BPI: And ear tufts!

MsCrissie@BPI: Okay, okay. Let’s not get too carried away. Besides, we’ve been texting with you two for long enough. We need to get up and stretch.

So that’s the story. Oh, and the mail room clerk won’t do it just coz we asked, so please tell her to do the whiskers and ear tufts….


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