Tomorrow I turn 70 so it is officially goodbye to being 69. I share this birthday with my sister, my son and several friends. Happy Birthday to all! (More)

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I don’t mind saying I’m 70. It is odd to say I am starting my 8th decade. It is also hard to think about perhaps facing privatized health insurance and perhaps cuts in Social Security. What were the Republican voters thinking? Lots of them are my age. My son’s mother-in-law (a rabid Republican and Trump voter) told me that her Republicans wouldn’t touch Social Security or Medicare because too many of their voters relied on them. Ha Ha Shirley! She still thinks Paul Ryan is a nice man.

My son is turning 40. When I turned 40, he turned 10. He spent a lot of time at our party trying to teach adults to ride his unicycle in the garage. Most had at least a few classes of wine in them when this idea took hold. I asked him if he had any plans for his 10 year old daughter to perform a similar service. It was entertaining to say the least.

Turning 30 was memorable. It is the year my son was born and I became a mother for the first time. Lots of birthdays aren’t memorable for me. I really only remember 40 because of the unicycle. Here’s hoping 70 is uneventful and fades into obscurity.


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